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This One’s For You


These are obviously difficult times for some people. You might know someone who is need of the sort of lift you get from being paid a bit of attention and played some good music.

Or you might know someone who deserves a little reward for all the good work they’ve done to help others out at this time.  Heaven knows there’s enough of those out there too.

Here at Penarth Sounds we love doing what we can to help.   So, we’re offering to put together a personalised, dedicated radio show for the person you’re thinking of.  All you have to do is send us some details such as the songs you’d like them to have, and any introductions to those songs that you’d like there to be.  Then we’ll put the show together and send you a link to it.  If you like – and only if you like – we might play it on air too.

It is completely free.  You might say: Our gift is our song and this one’s for you.  If that wasn’t so very cheesy.

If you’re interested, drop us an email at:

We’ll send you a form in which you can set out the songs and introductions you want.  Send it back, then we’ll put a show together.

That really is it.

Stay safe,

All of us here at Penarth Sounds.